Youthquake is a brand I co-founded. The aim was to create a sustainable slow-fashion clothing brand that spreads positive messages to a rebellious Gen-Z audience. 
I've designed graphics for the clothing items and hand-screen printed them onto organic or upcycled vintage clothing items. I also creative directed photo-shoots and created promotional graphics for the Instagram and website. 
Since starting, the designs have been featured in many music videos, photoshoots and in ID Magazine.
Existence is our most recent release. I designed all graphics and screen-printed them by hand onto hoodies, t-shirts and joggers. I also created promotional material for our Instagram account, suchs as gifs and animations. The collection was presented at a pop up event hosted at XU London, in Shoreditch. 
Transformation is a drop by Youthquake. I designed the graphic, which is a butterfly that subliminally says the word Youthquake within it.
Reset the World is the first Youthquake design produced and released. I designed both the front and back graphic for the t-shirts and hoodies. 
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